I have been going to this office for the past 3-4 years. They are great at accommodating my work schedule, the dentist's work quickly, but do a great job as well. Highly recommend.

Beatriz V.

This is my 2nd experience with Dr. Ho. 1st experience was 5 stars when I took care of my daughter. This time around I came in to have my own invisalign treatment. Our family is very happy with professionalism, service. Highly recommend this office, staff is so friendly too!

Elaine L.

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Ho's staff years ago and thought they were great, professional and caring. My insurance then changed and I had a string of miserable dentists from SF to SJ. It was with great relief that my insurance changed back and I was able to begin seeing the staff at PA Advanced Dentists again! I do have dental work to be done (and no one likes that0 but at least I feel that my teeth will be fixed properly, with all the best materials and with a staff that seems to appreciate my teeth as much as I do!

Thanks!!! I would highly recommend this office for all you dental needs.

Jeffrey G.