5-In-1 Dental Implants

In the past, if a patient wanted an implant placed, they would often have to go through 5 separate procedures. First the tooth would have to be extracted. Then a bone graft would be collected from a donor site on the patients body, and placed in the jaw. After that a painful and invasive sinus lift would often have to be performed. Then an implant can finally be placed, and then after that has healed a permanent crown can be placed. All of these procedures require a lengthy healing time.

At the Palo Alto Advanced Dentists, we adopt the revolutionary technique called Hydraulic Sinus Condensing™, and the Vertical Translation Technique™pioneered by Dr. Chen at Dental Implant Institute, patients don’t have to go through all those surgeries anymore.

This technique has dramatically reduced the operating, and healing time of placing implants. What would normally take 5 separate surgeries, and almost 2 years of healing time, can now be done in one visit.

This procedure is impossible for doctors that are not trained in both Hydraulic Sinus Condensing™, and the Vertical Translation Technique™, and right now Palo Alto Advanced Dentists team is the only place in Silicon Valley and the greater Bay Area where it can be done.
We have done thousands of very complicated implant cases and we are one of the leading centers in implant placement in the country.

Implant procedure comparison table:


Extraction Surgery 3 months healing time
Bone Graft Surgery 3 months healing time
Traditional Sinus Life 6 months healing time
Implant Surgery 4 months healing time
Implant Uncovered / Tooth Placed


By using the revolutionary Hydraulic Sinus Condensing and Vertical Translation Technique. Palo Alto Advanced Dentists team are able to do the extraction, bone graft, implant placement and temporary crown/bridge in 1 surgery with a 4 month healing time. This technique is less invasive and has a much higher rate of success than any traditional methods.

Palo Alto Advanced Dentists is home to the Dental Implant Institute of Palo Alto.

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