Immediate Implants

Thanks to advanced techniques such as HSC™, or Hydraulic Sinus Condensing™ developed at Dental Implant Institute, we can now safely perform the first stage of Dental Implants in 15 Minutes. The 15 minutes includes numbing, you will only sit in the chair for a total of 15 minutes. This allows us in one visit to extract the old tooth, create space for the implant to be placed and finally place it. Palo Alto Advanced Dentists, PAAD is one of the leading centers for immediate dental implants in Palo Alto and the greater Bay Area. Call and ask us about the 15 Minute Dental Implant today!

The advantages of immediate dental implants are easy to recognize:

• The ability to have fixed teeth immediately
• No need to use an uncomfortable removable prosthesis
• Improved esthetics
• Improved Appearance
• Improved Comfort
• Improved Speech
• Eat Better
• Improved Self Esteem
• Great Value

To learn more about immediate dental implants from Palo Alto Advanced Dentists, please contact us at (650) 324-4900.