Virtually Invisible Way to Straighten Your Teeth

invisalign dentist

Have the Invisalign specialists at Palo alto Advanced Dentists to get you the smile you’ve always wanted . . . without the hassle of braces.

Our dentists can advise you when you can use Invisalign as an alternative to traditional metal braces.

How Does Invisalign Work?

The Invisalign process at Palo Alto Advanced Dentists begins with a computer-generated image of what your teeth will look like at each stage of the Invisalign treatment, right up until the end of treatment. Custom snap-on aligners are then created to pressure specific teeth to move into place, beginning with the back teeth and finishing with the front. Unlike traditional braces, with Invisalign there’s no tightening or adjustments.

By simply changing aligners periodically, your teeth gradually move into straighter position. The results: a big, beautiful smile.

Transparent Braces:


The Invisalign Plastic Aligner

The custom fitted aligners mean an end to food trapped behind traditional braces, special brushes, and the painful cuts and tears in your cheeks or tongue that metal braces can create.

After your initial examination where the mold for your first aligner is begun, we give you a simple device that you can begin wearing immediately and that no one will notice.

Since you can easily and quickly remove the aligner to eat or brush, you will need to make very few changes to your life. Over time, as your teeth adjust to fit the aligner, we will make you new ones to complete the process.

You can change and straighten a crooked smile or the gaps in between teeth so that you’ll be eager and confident to share with everyone!